AM Language school

A Success Story

Finding a business solution

Interactive panels were a big jump for the school. It took them into the digital dimension of teaching and meant that their classrooms today are fully interactive. It was important for them to chose a strategic partner who could handle their requirements. Promethean was definitely the way to go for them.

Supplying a full IT setup

We provided AM Language School with HP servers in a highly available two-note cluster. The classrooms are equipped with Promethean interactive panels, connected to HP thin clients, which are internally connected to the central servers where they are centrally managed, updated and configured. This enables any teacher to move from class to class and still have access to all her teaching material as well as being able to share lesson plans and anything else.

A word from AM Language School

Forestals has been the right kind of partner. They introduced us to the right products, they gave us all the information that was needed, the setup suited our needs and service; the maintenance agreement we’ve got going with them ensures we’ve absolutely no down-time, which means are classrooms are running virtually 24/7. They have provided an excellent service and excellent training and the results have shown in class.